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Aries - Storming In

Whoa there a minute!

Energy Plus - ready to batter down any obstacle. Aries energy is of basic life stuff - the Will to survive, Primal in nature. The world is seen as a contest and you take on every challenge, though make sure you really want the outcome. Many Arians are only in it for the challenge and soon tire of the prize once they have attained it. Ruled by Mars, you have the "Warrior Spirit".

Mutable (changeable) Fire (energy) = going off in a hundred different directions at once. Indeed, this is a life lesson for Aries - to pick a path/goal and stick to it through completion. All too often, Arians start things they lose interest in and never finish. Great starters and initiators though! Want to get a project off the ground? Get an Aries! Want it finished? Get a Taurus<g> Arians have a strong will and leadership abilities. The evolved Arian learns to control his will and ego and channel is energies into positive directions that work for the benefit of others.

Aries' colors are bright red, gold, and deep blue; their gem is the diamond; and their metal is iron.



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