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Cancer is of the Water Element along with Scorpio and Pisces. Water people have strong emotions and instincts. They respond to the world around them through the emotions. They desire peace and harmony - so much so, that they may give in too much to get it. They actually need it because they pick up on the vibrations around them. This can lead to ill health if subjected to negativity for too long. In fact, they build a protective "shell" around themselves in response, but holding in and onto the emotions is what causes them problems. All Water people need to learn the lesson of "Letting Go".

Cancer is ruled by the changeable Moon and in turn, rules the 4th house of the home and family. Cancer people are family-oriented. They may take an interest in geneology, family history, a collection of some kind, and traditions in general. Some keywords for Cancer are: sympathetic, moody, nurturing, sociable, thrifty, protective. Their usually shy nature becomes a fierce fighter when a loved one is threatened. They love good food and may be a terrific cook. But try not to eat when upset because that only leads to digestive problems.

A Cancerian's health is a direct result of their emotional state. If you seem to pick up colds easily, take it as a sign that you need to do some emotional house-cleaning. Your immune system suffers from an overload of negativity. Try to find some "quiet time" each day - to let the troubles of the day dissipate and leave your body/mind. Meditating may be helpful.

Cancer's colors are pale blue (according to some) and smokey grays and greens; their gem is the pearl; their metal is silver.



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