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Capricorn - Is It Useful?

Geez, lighten up, willya??

Ever practical and cautious, Capricorn climbs unswervingly upward. Ruled by Saturn, you are ambitious, serious, and dedicated to duty. Success in the material world means security for you. Your neat and methodical ways are present in your work as well as your personal life, and you expect your household to be run with precision - which can tick a few people off :-) You love law and order, and can be dogmatic about rules and regulations, and that is your downfall - being too rigid, being too immersed in the material world, or lacking in humility. Cappys really need to "Lighten Up". Capricorn rules the knees, and you need to bend in life, or you will break.

Home, family, and the past have some importance, and the male usually has a special link to his mother. Cappys often have health problems as children, but Saturn gives strength and longevity as you age. Often you have to fight depression and loneliness, because you tend to see the gloomy side of things, and it's hard for you to show your warm side - this you have to work on. You fear dependency in old age, and can be very frugal - bordering on miserly sometimes. You are responsible, dependable, and respectful, with a strong need to be an authority figure, but you must watch the tendency to act superior and bossy. "How can I use this" or "How can I use this for others" is the difference between an evolved and an unevolved Capricorn.

Capricorn's colors are black, brown, dark green, gray, maroon, and purple; their gem is the garnet; their metal is lead.




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