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ACHERNAR ("end of the river") -- 15Pisces15 -- #1979 -- mag0.6
A white star at the mouth of The River
Influence: Ptolemy gave it the influence of Jupiter, with success in public office; religion.

ACRUX -- 11SC50 -- #16952 --mag1.6
Influence: Given the nature of Jupiter, it is associated with religion, ceremonies, justice, and magic. Often prominent in charts of astrolgers.

ACULEUS -- 25SAG41 -- #6405 -- mag5.3
Influence: Given the influence of Moon and Mars, it is a nebula in the sting of the Scorpion; it has a twin and they are associated with eyesight problems if conjunct or opposite a stressed luminary. There can be many problems in life, but possible success, since Aculeus is a bit more positive than its twin, Acumen.

ACUMEN -- 28SAG43 -- #6475 -- mag3.2
Influence: The twin nebula to Aculeus in the sting of the Scorpion, given much the same nature as Aculeus, but harder to deal with.

AGENA -- 23SC45 -- #18971 -- mag0.9
Influence: Ptolemy gave it the influence of Venus and Jupiter; Alvidas - one similar as Mars conj Mercury. It gives position, honor, refinement, morality, and good health.

ALCYONE -- 29TA57 -- #4541 -- mag3.0
A greenish-yellow star, and the brightest of the Pleiades, in the shoulder of The Bull. It was once thought to the center of the universe, called the Central One by the Arabs, and Foundation Stone by the Babylonians. In Celtic tradition, the Pleiades set as the Sun rose in November, and was therefore associated with the Dead (as was the month of November).
Influence: Medically, it is linked to eyesight. It is connected with visions and mystical abilities, but also ruthless judgment. Said to have the nature of Moon/Mars, it causes love eminence, blindness from fevers (or poor eyesight in general), smallpox, and accidents to the face.

ALDEBARAN -- 9GE45 -- #5605 --mag1.1
One of the Royal Stars of Persia, The Watcher of the East, it is a pale rose star in the left eye of The Bull. It marked the Vernal Equinox for the Persians in 3000BC, thus it is the Watcher of the East.
Influence: Like the other three Royal Stars, Aldebaran promises great success as long as certain conditions are fulfilled. The issue for Aldebaran is one of integrity. If the one strives to achieve, but sacrifices their integrity, this becomes their downfall. Ptolemy gave it the nature of Mars.

ALGOL-- 26TA07 -- #3733 -- mag variable
Algol represents the severed head of Medusa, held in the hand of Perseus. The name is from Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head, aka Caput Algol and Caput Medusae; known as Lilith by the Hebrews and Tseih She (piled-up corpses) by the Chinese.
Influence: Algol is all the passion and intensity of the feminine which can be used effectively or destructively. Ptolemy gave it the nature of Saturn & Mars, causing misfortune, decapitation, hanging, a violent nature, and was thought to be the most evil star in the heavens. Medically, this is a double star - one has Saturn qualities and the other Mars/Uranus/Pluto ones. Most deadly of all fixed stars, it exerts a tragic influence, and may bring on chronic illnesses, dental problems, arthritis.

ALHENA -- 9CA04 -- #8633 -- mag1.9
A bright white star in the left foot of the Southern Twin; from Al Han'ah (a brand or mark), it has been called "the wound in the tendon Achilles".
Influence: Ptolemy gave it the nature of Mercury and Venus; Alvidas, that of Moon and Venus. It is linked to the concept of a mark placed on the one who is important, a person with a mission. It bestows eminence in art, but there can be accidents affecting the feet.

ALPHARD -- 27LEO15 -- #13044 -- mag2.2
An orange star in the neck of the Hydra; often called Hydra's Heart.
Influence: Ptolemy gave it the nature of Venus and Saturn; Alvidas, that of Sun sextile Jupiter. It gives wisdom, appreciation of the arts, lack of self-control immorality; also death by drowning, poison, or asphyxiation.
Medically, it has the influnce of Saturn/Venus/Neptune and can cause extreme sensitivity to any drug, bites by animals or insects, blood poisoning from toxins, and poor eating habits.

ALPHECCA --12SC16 -- #20947 -- mag2.3
A bright white star in the knot of the Ribbon; from Al Na'ir al Fakkah, the Bright One of the Dish.
Influence: Ptolemy called it the brightest star in the Northern Crown, with the nature of Venus & Mercury. Alvidas thought it to be Mercury & Mars. It gives honor, dignity, artistic ability.

ALPHERATZ -- 14AR16 -- #127 -- mag2.2
A double star, white and purple, in the hair of Andromeda. From Al Surratal Farras, the Horse's Navel - as it used to be in Pegasus.
Influence: Ptolemy gives it the nature of Jupiter and Venus; Alvidas adds Mars. It gives a love of freedom, independence, love, wealth, honor, and a keen intellect.

ALTAIR -- 1AQ44 -- #27470 -- mag0.9
A pale yellow star in the neck of the Eagle. From Al Tair, the Eagle. Sometimes called the Bird of Jove.The Greeks saw this constellation as Zeus in the form of an eagle carrying the youth Ganymedes to the heavens to be his cup bearer.
Influence: Ptolemy gives it to Mars & Jupiter; Wilson gives it Saturn and Mercury; Alvidas, Uranus & Mercury sextile the Sun. It gives a bold and unyielding nature, valiance, ambition, a liberal nature, great wealth though ephemeral, but its natives can cause bloodshed and there can be danger from reptiles.

ANTARES -- 9SAG43 -- #22157 -- mag1.2
A binary star, red and green, in the body of the Scorpion. From Anti Ares - the rival of Mars. As one of the Four Royal Stars, it marked the Autumnal Equinox in Persia in 3000BC, hence The Watcher of the West. Sometimes called Shiloh or the Scorpion's Heart.
Influence: Being a Royal Star it can bring great success but the possible cause of undoing is that the person goes to excess or become obsessive. Obsession leads to a downfall. However, by keeping a balance between success with one's goals and the quality of life, the potential downfall is avoided. Ptolemy gives it Mars and Juputer; Alvidas - Jupiter sextile Venus. Yet it is malefic in nature, bringing destructiveness, rashness, a headstrong nature, braod-mindedness, and obstinance.
Medically, this is Mars/Merc/Jup. It influences various health problems, incl eye troubles. It may induce impulsiveness that can casue bodily injury.

ARCTURUS -- 24LI12 -- #19242 -- mag0.2
A yellow star of Bootes, the hunter/gather turned cultivator. From Arktouros, the Bear Guard. Aka Arctophilax (the Bear Watcher), Azimech, and variants of Al Simak (the Lofty One).
Influence: Ptolemy gives it to Mars and Jupiter; Alvidas to Mercury and Venus conjunct. It gives riches, status, gain through voyages and navigation. This star embodies the daring to strike out and take a new path; to try a new method; to go in a direction which has not been traveled before.

BELLATRIX -- 20GEM54 -- #6668 -- mag1.7
The beta star of Orion (in the left shoulder) and the shadow twin to Betelgeuse. This is the left shoulder of the great god Osiris and was later renamed Orion by the Greeks.
Influence: One of the great stars of the sky, Bellatrix is success through a long, and at times hard, struggle. The star promises great potential but only through a journey which deals with the more difficult aspects of the psyche. Ptolemy gave this star the influences of Mars and Mercury.

BETELGEUSE -- 28GEM43 -- #7451 -- mag variable
One of the great stars. This huge red star is in the right shoulder of Orion who was previously known to the Egyptians as the god, Osiris.
Influence: "Success which is not blocked." This star is probably one of the most blessed and fortunate stars in the sky, for when linked to a chart, it promises success without complications. Ptolemy gives it also the characteristics of Mars and Mercury.

CANOPUS -- 14CAN56 -- #8302 -- mag-0.9
The great navigator and pilot of the Argo, the one who guided the Egyptian boat of the Dead. This star is a beacon in the southern sky and thought by the ancients to symbolise the great path finder. Still used by NASA for navigational purposes.
Influence: The Path Finder " Ptolemy gives this, the rudder of the Argo, the influences of Saturn and Jupiter. This star, when active in a chart, indicates an individual who finds new ways and methods of doing things.

CAPELLA -- 21GEM49 -- #6427 -- mag0.2
The brightest star of the Charioteer and considered by Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology to be a goddess or the women who nursed Zeus in his infancy. This star can be thought of as a type of horse-goddess in the style of the great Celtic goddess Macha.
Influence: Love of movement. Fast, love of speed, freedom without aggression. Strength and determination, quick to take action.
Ptolemy - the female star in the Charioteer; influence of Mercury & Mars

CASTOR -- 20CAN12 -- #10120 -- mag1.6
A twin to Pollux, both these stars struggle with the polarity of creative energy. Linked closely to writers.
Influence: To write or create. Castor is success or creativity which flows easily without pain and trauma. Ptolemy - One of the Twins; influence of Mercury

DENEB ADIGE -- 5PIS17 -- #28846 -- mag1.3
Strong will, strong temper. This constellation has always been a large bird but has gone through many different species in its history. The Greeks saw it as a form of Zeus in his guise as a Swan used in the seduction of Leda. But this constellation represents a much older tradition. It is a Shamanistic expression of the Sun-God taking the guise of a Bird.
Influence: Powerful, clear and determined, a strong will linked with a strong temper.
Ptolemy - in the tail of the Swan; influence of Venus & Mercury

DENEB KAITOS -- 2AR32 -- #865 -- mag2.2
Also known as Difda. From Al Difdi al Thani, the Second Frog.
Influence: Self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune, and compulsory change.
Ptolemy - influence of Saturn. Medically, it may bring on bodily and mental inhibition.

DENEBOLA -- 21VIR35 -- #16189 -- mag2.2
In the tail of the Nemean Lion. The lion symbolises the ancient goddess worship, for it was a grandchild of Gia whose mother was half woman and half snake. These worshippers were persecuted as the goddess gave way to the god.
Influence: To go against society. This star embodies these concepts and can talk of a person who goes against convention, or becomes out-of- step with the views of society thereby opening themselves to persecution or becoming the persecutor.
Ptolemy - the tail of the Lion. Saturn & Venus Medically, it has Uranian characteristics. Mental gyrations if conj to Mercury or Uranus in natal chart.

FACIES -- 8CAP16 -- #6656 -- mag5.9
Ruthlessness or the victim. The nebula in the face of the Archer. All nebulas are traditionally linked to the eyes and blindness, primarily because a test of good eyesight in the Roman army was to be able to see that a star was not one but a cluster. This nebula is the eye of the most feared of all warriors - the archer.
Influence: Facies is a difficult star, being either the perpetrator of violence or the victim. Whatever Facies touches will be influenced by ruthlessness and/or aggression.

FOMALHAUT -- 3PIS49 -- #32000 -- mag1.3
One of the four Royal Stars of Persia, this is the Watcher of the South. Like the other three Royal Stars it promises success but only if the individual avoids the pitfalls presented by the star. This star is about ideals and dreams. If these are noble, then great personal happiness can be achieved. However, if the dreams or ideals are corrupt in any way, then there is great loss and confusion.
Influence: Success through noble ideal
Ptolemy - the Southern Fish; influence of Venus & Mercury

HAMAL -- 7TAU37 -- #2538 -- MAG2.2
The head of the Ram. Often described as an evil star, in modern times we can think of this star as a statement of independence.
Influence: To follow one's own path
If linked to Mercury this may indicate the independent thinker; if linked to Mars it could imply anything from brutish strength to the great athlete. Possibly aka El-Nath. Medically linked to Mars/Saturn-it may bring on severe injury at some point in life, particularly from falls.

MENKAR -- 14TAU17 -- #3643 -- mag2.8
This is the alpha star of Cetus the Whale but in all history this creature is more of a mythical beast rather than a great whale, more of a Loch Ness rather than a Humpback.
Influence: victim of the Unconscious
The star is linked to the forces of the collective unconscious, that which can emerge from the sea of the collective and greatly influence the individual for better or for worse. This is a difficult star. Medically, this has Saturnian qualities. Throat or larynx problems are possible if it conjuncts malefics.

MIRACH -- 0TAU22 -- #1400 -- mag2.4
This is the beta star of Andromeda. However, it does seem to embody the symbolism of Andromeda, the young woman who is harmonious, balanced and receptive.
Influence: In harmony to be receptive
This star is strong in the charts of artists or any person who brings harmony and rhythm to their occupation.

MIRFAK -- 2GEM02 -- #4041 -- mag1.9
In the constellation Perseus, this is the young male warrior proud of his strength and his courage. It is the honorable fighter, the one who will accept the challenge.
Influence: Challenge-oriented. A desire for battle, a desire to compete.

MIRZAM -- 7CAN09 -- #8223 -- mag2.0
This is the star that rises before Sirius in the northern hemisphere and was called by the Egyptians "The Announcer". Its energy seems to be about making a statement, of carrying a message. It can show someone who brings new ideas to the world or, new physical feats. However, the person may be all potential with no outcome.
Influence: To have one's say.

POLLUX -- 23CAN11 -- #10438 -- mag1.2
The twin star to Castor, Pollux represents the painful process of learning and discovering. The tormented artist, the person who sees or encounters the more difficult side of things. These difficulties can take the main focus, swamping the person who constantly struggles to pull themselves into clearer light.
Influence: The pain of creativity
Ptolemy - one of the Twins; influence of Mars

PRAESAEPE -- 7LEO18 -- #2632 -- mag3.7
Medically, is has the qualities of Moon/Mars/Neptune. Close to Norht & South Aselli, it is believed to give poor eyesight, especially at an early age.
Medical Influence: weak eyes

PROCYON -- 25CAN45 -- #10277 -- mag0.5
Procyon is dulled by the brilliance of Sirius and this is expressed in its symbolism, for it is linked to the potential of rapid success which quickly fades. Any advantages or success should be developed quickly when this star is involved, as the opportunities do not last long.
Influence: Short lived opportunities
Ptolemy - Rises before Sirius; influence of Mercury & Mars

RAS ALHAGUE -- 22SAG24 -- #23837 -- mag2.1
The head of the Serpent Holder, the doctor and healer of the heavens. Traditionally Ras Alhague is seen as an evil star because it is linked to a serpent and thus the feminine. However, a better understanding of this star is to see it connected to the concept of healing, whether that is on a personal level or in society as a whole.
Influence: The desire to heal a wound.
Medically, it has the traits of Venus/Sat/Neptune. It may produce toxic conditions that affect the body. It may also affect the results of animal and insect bites and other infectious states.

REGULUS -- 29LEO48 -- #13926 -- mag1.3
The heart of the Lion and known as The Watcher of the North. A Royal Star of Persia. This is one of the great stars in the sky and is linked to the Persian mythical king, Feridum. He was a prosperous king but lost his kingdom when he engaged in revenge. All of the Royal Stars promise great potential and success as long as a particular human nemesis is avoided. In Regulus' case, the issue is that of revenge and if strong in a chart, the individual needs to avoid this temptation.
Influence: temptation for revenge.
Ptolemy - The Heart of the Lion; influence of Jupiter & Mars

RIGEL -- 16GEM47 -- #6410 -- mag0.3
Orion's foot touching the river, Eridanus. The foot of the Pharoah which was the symbol for the giving of eduction, civilisation and protection. To be under such a foot was a blessing.
Influence: To bring knowledge to others. Rigel is the educator.
Ptolemy - the left foot of Orion; influence of Jupiter & Saturn

RUKBAT -- 16CAP36 -- #26737 -- mag4.1
In the foot of the Archer, this star is not well defined but could be linked to either a steadiness and strength, drawing on the symbolism of the stance of the archer or it may be linked to education, drawing on the symbolism of a star in the foot of a constellation.
Influence: Steadiness and strength.
Ptolemy - the left kenn of the Archer Jupiter & Saturn

SCHEAT -- 29PIS20 -- #32135 -- mag2.6
Traditionally seen as a very negative star, it seems to be predominant in the charts of famous, free-thinking people. Different ideas, fast thinking, daring to think or to do the impossible.
Influence: To be a thinker or intellect

SCHEDIR -- 7TAU44 -- #792 -- mag2.5
Apart from the great fertility goddess of Virgo, the Greeks and Romans bound or chained all the other the women of the sky. Schedar represents the archetypal concept of the Queen and although she lost her power and was chained to her throne, she still represents this fundamental concept.
Influence: The Queen, female power. Gentleness, decency, diplomatic but also its shadow expression of intrigue and power games.

SIRIUS -- 14CAN03 -- #8833 -- mag-1.4
The brightest star in the sky apart from our sun. Known to the Egyptians as "The Scorcher" or "The Shinning One", this star is one of the great stars and it has the ability to make the mundane sacred. To make the ordinary charismatic. Small actions which may lead to large consequences. This may be positive for the individual or their needs may be sacrificed to the collective.
Influence: The mundane becoming sacred.
Ptolemy - the Dog Star; influence of Jupiter & Mars

SPICA -- 23LIB48 -- #18144 -- mag1.2
Also Arista; One of the great stars of the sky, Spica is the wheat sheaf being held by the goddess of fertility, the thousand-named Isis or the Christian Mary. Spica represents the gift of this goddess. Once this gift used to be knowledge of cultivation. Now Spica represents the goddess' gift of new knowledge and gives a potential for brilliance to any chart it touches.
Influence: The potential for brilliance.
Ptolemy - the wheat sheaf of Virgo Venus

THUBAN -- 7VIR26 -- #19019 -- mag3.6
The great celestial dragon which guards the sacred pole of the northern sky. This star is linked to the mythology of the Dragon and is a symbol of one who guards or produces a treasure. The treasure may be material but it can also be one of spiritual knowledge.
Influence: To protect or make a treasure.

TOLIMAN -- 29SCO27 -- #19728 -- mag0.1
Also known as Alpha Centauri or Rigel Kentauris. This is the foot of the centaur. This centaur is most likely to be the great Chiron, as the centaur of Sagittarius is a warrior symbol. So in keeping with the symbolism of the foot, this star can be linked to learning, education and also spiritual growth.
Influence: Learning, the lessons of life.
Ptolemy - influence of Venus & Jupiter

VEGA -- 25CAP16 -- #25466 -- mag0.1
Whether we see this star as symbolizing the charisma and magic of Orpheus' Lyre or as the sacred and charismatic Egyptian goddess Maat, this star is truly magical. If strong in a chart, it will express itself as a charismatic quality in the personality. This may be seen as beautiful, artistic or a great orator. However, it can also be charm put to negative use as in a charismatic dictator.
Influence: Charismatic, magical.
Ptolemy - aka Wega; influence of Venus & Mercury

ZAURAK -- 23TAU49 -- #4778 -- mag3.2
Saturnina, it may bring chronic illnesses or suicidal tendencies.
Influence: Chronic illness, suicide.

ZOSMA -- 11VIR17 -- #15438 -- mag2.6
Located on the back of the Nemean Lion. Zosma is the point where the great lion's back was broken by Hercules. The lion represented the ancient goddess worship and the act of Hercules breaking its back is symbolic of the end of this era or the persecution of the feminine - the burning of witches. Zosma may be a victim or a person who fights for the victim.
Influence: A victim or a saviour
Medically, this is Venus/Saturn. May cause buildup in the body, resulting in disease. Seems to also influence depression.

ZUBEN ELGENUB -- 15SCO03I -- #19975 -- mag2.9
The alpha star of Libra and the southern scale. Both stars of the scales of Libra can be considered twins and, therefore, represent the polarity of a concept. The concept is of social reform and this star, although traditionally seen as the shadowy, more difficult star, is actually the one linked to the positive side of social awareness. When this star is strongly emphasised, the individual has a desire to be constructively involved in social reform.
Influence: Positive social reform
Ptolemy - the Southern Scale Jupiter & Mercury Medically, this double star has Mars/Sat characteristics. If conj a malefic, it may present health problems.

ZUBEN ELSCHEMALI -- 19SCO20 -- #20539 -- mag2.7
The northern scale of Libra, and its shadow companion to Zuben Elgenubi. Both stars are involved with social reform but this star is more involved with reform for its own ends. This may be expressed as reform without consultation or it may be someone who is without concern for the needs of society.
Influence: Negative social reform
Ptolemy - the Northern Scale; influence of Jupiter & Mercury.


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