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Gemini - The Curious One

Will you just sit down for a while?

Gemini is the third Sign of the Zodiac, the Element of Air, Mutable, ruled by Mercury (Hermes), the Messenger God. Geminis approach the world through the intellect. They excel at gathering and disseminating information, therefor, are great communicators. Keenly interested in everything, they can flit from one subject to the next - and this can be one of their flaws - inconsistency and flightiness. They need to develop more stability and a "stick-to-it-iveness". Imagination is rich and they never stop learning, but as their symbol, The Twins, they can very dual in nature - and you never know which twin will pop up! Restlessness is high, especially if there is a strong Uranian influence, and they need to keep busy.

Words and logic are how one gets to a Gemini - or any Air sign native. Being Mutable, they have the ability to adapt to any situation. Highly nervous, they may talk with their hands, and may suffer from nervous disorders. It is important for them to take time each day to clear their minds, which will prevent frayed nerves.

Gemini's colors are lemon yellow, slate blue, violet, and purple; their gem is the agate; their metal is mercury.



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