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Leo - Teacher or Party Animal?

C'mon, put that mirror down.

Well, what can be said of a Leo - PRIDE comes to mind. Ruled by the Sun, they are dramatic, fiery, creative, they need recognition and attention. Do not wound their pride or else! As natural leaders, they can exhibit the best of humanity with idealism, ambition, creativity, style, dignity, and optimism - or - they can sink down into vanity, childish behavior, pretentiousness, overbearance, and downright dictatorial behavior.

The sign of Leo is a combination of a Fire element and the Fixed Mode -- Fixed Fire -- that sums up Leo pretty well. Leos like to do things in a big way - from throwing lavish parties to to being overly generous with friends and loved ones. They want and need LOVE - but must learn that they must first GIVE love to receive it. Their warmth attracts others to them and grants them the power to teach.

Leo rules one organ, the heart. It also rules the spinal vertebrae while the opposite sign, Aquarius rules the spinal cord.

Leo's colors are orange, bright yellow, and gold; its gemstones are the ruby, sardonyx, and peridot; and Leo's metal is, of course, gold.



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