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Libra - This Way ...or...That Way?

Geez - make up your mind already!

Libra is the natural Sign of partnership, the public, and relationships with others in general. Ever seeking that perfect balance, Libra weighs everything endlessly, but this can become paralyzing inactivity if allowed to go too far. They dislike confrontations, preferring harmony and balance, and many took on the "peacekeeper" role in their families, perhaps even as children. Not liking to 'go it alone', Librans will seek out cooperative partnerships.

Cardinal Air, Libra natives live on the intellectual plane, always needing new mental stimulation. Ruled by Venus, they have charm, grace, and are natural diplomats, for they have the ability to see both sides of an issue, and human relations are of interest to them - 'why' someone behaves in a particular way. For this reason, many go into the mental health/counseling fields, legal profession, or a general "mediation" type role. Slow to anger, they veritably explode when pushed too far. I can tell when one Libra friend has had enough - the veins on his neck pop out!

Libra's colors are blue, pink, soft rose, pale yellow, and green; their gem is the opal; their metal is copper.



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