May 5, 2000




Ephemeris Data for May 5, 2000
Sun 14 Tau 48
Moon 26 Tau
Merc 9 Tau 55
Venus 4 Tau 47
Mars 0 Gem 50
Jup 17 Tau 7
Saturn 19 Tau 41
Uranus 20 Aqu 39
Nep 6 Aqu 34
Pluto 12 Sag 17 rx

"An earthquake will be reported from the bottom of Asia...
in an unstable and troubled state...
(when) Mars, Mercury and the Moon are in conjunction."

Although, Nostradamus didnít provide a date, some interpreters believe it to point to the May 5, 2000 conjunction.

Ruth Montgomery predicts that the in the Spring/Summer of the Year 2000, earthquakes will cause the polar ice caps to shift with the "new" South Pole being located over South America and the "new" North Pole several hundred miles east of Tokyo. The shift will turn the Arctic Circle into a tropical paradise while South America would become as cold as Alaska overnight and the Mississippi could become the next Amazon, with lush Rainforest growth throughout Middle America. As Montgomery said, "Many people will not survive this shift, but others will." Because after a period of churning seas and frightful wind velocities, the turbulence will cease, and those in the north will live in a tropical clime, and vice versa. Her Book: World to Come

The Great Pyramid of Cheops seems to contain a timeline which coincides exactly with certain events that have happened over the last 2,000 years of modern history. In their book Great Pyramid Passages, John and Morton Edgar hypothesize that the lengths of the passages in the center of the Great Pyramid, measured in "Pyramid inches" correlate so exactly to important historical events that the builders may have be able to "see" the future. Many think it to be "proof" of God. Events include Christ's crucifixion all the way to World War I and II. However, the timeline stops at May 5, 2000 ( or is it September 17, 2001? Depends on how you are measuring your Pyramid inches).

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