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Pisces - The Empath

Pull yourself together already!

All Water signs are emotional, but Pisces has a hard time with "Life". Being Mutable, and ruled by Neptune, they are subject to great mood swings, are extremely sensitive, feel slighted at the smallest things, and tend to brood. They seem to pick up the emotional charge of the environment around them, so it is very important for them to keep the right company and eliminate as much negativity from their surroundings.

The evolved Piscean is the pinnacle of selfless service. Truly empathic, they know what others feel, and they have a Universal vision of the universe - they recognize the Oneness of All. Just be careful not to get lost in that "other plane" - for escapism is second nature to Pisces - sometimes through drink, drugs, or other destructive behavior. The Pisces body is more sensitive to drugs and environmental pollution, so be careful there.

When it comes to imagination, there is none stronger. The lesson is to apply that "vision" to the real world.

Pisces' colors are sea green, silver, violet, and purple; their gem is the aquamarine and bloodstone; their metal is tin.



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