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Sagittarius - I Shot My Arrow

C'mon, you have to come in some time.

The Archer's arrow flies into the Unknown, and such is Sagittarian energy. Ruled by expansive and optimistic Jupiter, Sagis seek to explore, both in the real world and in the mind. Sag rules the 9th house of travel, religion, philosophy, and higher learning. Naturally gifted with humor, they take a philosophical approach to life. There is a love of Nature and the outdoors; many of you may enjoy hunting, like my Sag rising son. The distant horizons call and you are not afraid to explore the unknown.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign of Mutable mode - changeable passions. You can get enthused over something only to drop it because you think you see something better. That "greener pastures" thing can be your downfall, for you will scatter your energies and not accomplish much. You need to pick one goal and apply your boundless energy to it; then you'll go far. Another thing to watch out for - your bluntness. You sure can be straight to the point, but a little diplomacy will get you farther in interpersonal relations.

And don't try to tie down a Sag! "Don't fence me in" seems to be their battle cry. If they settle down, it will be in their own good time.

Medically, Sagittarius is considered the healthiest of the 12 signs, and that can be attributed to the benefic quality of Jupiter. However, you need to watch out for "overdoing", especially in the food department. Since Sag rules the hips and sciatic nerve, there may be problems in that area sometime in life.

Sagittarius' colors are deep blue, sea green, turquoise, and purples; their gem is the turquoise; their metal is tin.




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