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Scorpio - Unfathomed Depths

Are you ever going to forget that incident in first grade?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (Mars in tradional astrology) and in turn, rules the 8th house of sex, others' money, death, and regeneration. Because Scorpios act with all their power, no other sign has the potential for good or evil as Scorpio. The only sign to have three symbols, they signify the types: The Scorpion indicates one who would rather sting himself to death rather than pass on the chance to have revenge; The Eagle soars higher than any other (and sees farther); and The Phoenix rises (regenerates, transforms) from its own ashes (death).

Regeneration - Transformation: that is what Scorpio and the 8th house are all about. The 8th rules death, but death is only a doorway to another life (transformation); and all change is the death of something. These natives have an interest in death and after-death states; also the 'occult' (which means 'hidden'). They have an intense drive to investigate the nature of things and discover the whys; many enter the psychological, scientific, and medical fields.

A Fixed Water sign, one might think of 'ice', but the secondary ruler, Mars, adds Fire and Passion. Pluto itself is like 'Frozen Fire'. The result is a passionate determination that stays on course, no matter what the sacrifice. Scorpios hate perceived weakness in themselves, yet being Water, are compassionte and eager to help others. Not the most diplomatic, they tell it like it is - when they deign to speak at all. They are highly secretive and require a lot of 'space'. Their intuition is well developed, and they have a gift of spotting weaknesses in others.

Scorpio's greatest problem is controlling the intensity of emotion and desire, and the ideas of justice with perceived slights. Once he turns from playing the "Blame Game" to working on himself, his progress is immense as he becomes the soaring eagle. Since this sign relates to the desire principle and the sex drive, there is tremendous emotional force behind the Scorpio's romantic involvements. When out of proper control this can lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and violence.

Healthwise, Scorpio is one of the strongest. What can bring one down is stuffing their intense feelings and emotions. They need an outlet. Constipation is a common problem and symbolizes this "holding in" of the emotions in the physical body. The colon is an area of weakness, as is the reproductive system. Since Scorpio has such a high sex drive, it is vital that they be smart and health-conscious in this area.

Scorpio's colors are gold, deep yellow, bright red, orange, wine, and purple; their gem is the topaz; their metal is iron.



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