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Taurus - Bull in a china shop?

Ok, ok, you win <sigh>

The immediate association is "stubbornness" - and boy, can you ever dig in your hooves, er...heels, and refuse to budge! This quality can be a blessing or a curse; it can make you cautious enough not to be foolhardy, or it can make you remain in a rut for your entire life, never trying anything new.

Fixed Earth - think of dried-up or frozen mud and you get an idea of Taurus energy: one that is extremely hard to mold or shape. The greatest fault (and lesson) of Taurus is possessiveness and stubbornness. As natural ruler of the 2nd house of "things"and "possessions", you may over-emphasize their importance or even confuse your identity with what you own. Ruled by Venus, there may be a lazy streak, for you do like the finer pleasures of life!

But the evolved Taurean turns his stubborness into determination and persistance. It is hard to beat the stamina of a focused Taurean! The possessiveness and materialism become an attraction principle, for you will attract material things, but regard them as being yours for the purpose of benefitting others.

Taurus colors are the strong blues, deep oranges, and yellows; their gem is the emerald; their metal is copper.



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