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Virgo - Thorough Or Nit-Picking?

Do you have to count them again??

This rational, logical, analytical sign is not afraid of hard work - indeed, they sometimes make it harder on themselves with their penchant for perfectionism, neatness, and detail. It is sometimes hard for them to understand how others just "slide by", missing the details. The lesson here is the acceptance of imperfection and the striving to see the whole picture instead of only its parts.

Virgo is Mutable Earth - practical, yet adaptive. Insecurity, worry, and nervousness are things a Virgo must battle. Ruled by Mercury, it naturally rules service, health, and 6th house matters. In the giving of service, a Virgo can find the greatest satisfaction and eventually his/her true Self. There is often a great interest in health matters - whether it be a profession in the health industry or an interest in natural foods, vitamins, exercise, or alternative health techniques.

Virgo rules the intestines, pancreas, and gall bladder, and stress can show up as digestive/intestinal problems.

Virgo's colors are: the deep blues, dark grays, and browns; their gem is the sapphire; their metal is mercury.




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