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Every year, at some point, I wish I had kept a running list of what I had won. So, this year, that is exactly what I am doing. Without further adieu....

JANUARY (23 wins)

January 1 - won a DVD player plus 3 DVDs from
January 1 - won a game from
January 1 - won a Brawl card deck from's Cardgames guide.
January 1 - won $40 from
January 2 - won $100 in merchandise from
January 4 - won a personalized mousepad from
January 4 - won $50 from (not rec'd yet).
January 6 - notified that I won a Playstation - and next day they said they made a mistake - it was only a game.
January 6 - won a T-shirt.
January 8 - won a prize pack
January 10 - finally received my $2500 win from, after 4 months of fighting with them.
January 10 - won a $70 spree at
January 12 - won a $25 gift certificate from the (not rec'd yet).
January 12 - won a snowboard from
January 12 - won Grand Prize in Ka-Ching's Personal Money manager sweeps! I won an HP 500MHz computer and my own personal financial manager to come to my house for the day (not rec'd yet).
January 12 - notified that I had won a Wacom graphics tablet from - from a year ago!
January 17 - received my $2000 cash win from
January 20 - won $40 from
January 20 - notified that I won something from Webstakes Disney DVD promotion.
January 20 - won a 1940's heavy paper Indiana driving license holder from (not rec'd yet).
January 20 - won Ultima: Ascension from
January 22 - won a 1986 Topps Steve Young PSA7 card.
January 26 - won a copy of Terry Savage's book "The Savage Truth on Money"
January 27 - won a Foo Fighters CD from
January 30 - won a Confederate Sweatshirt from

FEBRUARY (15 wins)

February 1 - won a Tortuga Rum Cake from
February 8- received a phone call that I won a Logitech Desktop: cordless mouse, keyboard, steering wheel, webcam, speakers, and joystick.
February 8- received a Rocktober Fest CD from Becks Beer.
February 10 - notified via email that I won a back pack filled with Hershey's candy plus Knowledge Adventure software from
February 11 - won a Cool Bright CoolBall from
February 12 - received a Ricky Martin CD from
February 15 - notified that I won a G-Shock watch from (not rec'd yet). February 16 - notified that I won a Polaroid Camera from (not rec'd yet).
February 17 - received a $10 SportsAuthority GC from Marken Kane.
February 17 - notified that I won $5 from TroppoLotto.
February 17 - received an email that I won $100 from
February 22 - notified that I won a trip for two anywhere in the world, up to $20,000.
February 23 - received Ultima Ascension.
February 25 - received word I had won a $1000 shopping spree on
February 25 - received a CoolPad from

MARCH (22 wins)

March 3 - received $40 from
March 3 - won incense from
March 5 - received notice that I won $5 from Webmillion.
March 5 - received notice that I won $50 from Webmillion.
March 7 - got email notice I had won the new Pilfers CD: "Chawalaleng" & a Pilfers t-shirt
March 9 - won a sweatshirt from
March 10 - won a pair of VIP tickets to the Newsboys concert plus backstage passes
March 11 - received three hats from a Marden Kane promotion
March 16 - won a T-shirt from
March 16 - won Hidden & Dangerous and the expansion pack Devil's Bridge from CDMag
March 16 - won 3 free movie passes
March 16 - received a booklet of McDonalds gift certificates from
March 17 - won $100 daily prize for yesterday at
March 17 - saw my name on the winner's list for a case of pretzels
March 18 - received one more movie pass
March 18 - received $1.00 from FreeLotto
March 18 - received an Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue gift set from Eyewear Designs
March 21 - won a "free gift" from (don't know what it is)
March 25 - received Settlers III and Quest of the Amazons from
March 25 - won a free CD-edition of DogSaver Screen Saver
March 26 - my new HP computer I won from Ka-Ching arrived.


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