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issued 6/3/95
retired 1/1/97
Although Tabasco is not not so tall,
He loves to play basketball,
He is a star player in his dreams,
Can you guess his favorite team?
w/o shell issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96
This armadillo lives in the South,
Shoving Tex-Mex in his mouth,
He sure loves it south of the border,
Keeping his friends in good order!
w shell issued 1/7/96
retired 10/1/97
same as above
97 Chrstmas Teddy
issued 10/1/97
retired 12/31/97
Beanie Babies are special no doubt,
All filled with love - inside and out,
Wishes for fun times filled with joy,
Ty's holiday teddy is a magical toy!
98 Teddy 12/25/98 Dressed in his PJ's and ready for bed,
Hugs given, good nights said,
This little Beanie will stay close at night,
Ready for a hug and first morning light.

'99 Holiday Teddy
99 Signature   No birthdate
No poem
Inside says 1999 Signature Bear
Teddy-brown old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95

Teddy-brown new
issued 1/7/95
retired 10/1/97
Teddy wanted to go out today,
All his friends went out to play,
But he'd rather help whatever you do,
After all, his best friend is you!
Teddy-cranberry old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95
Teddy-cranberry new
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96
Teddy-jade old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95
Tedy-jade new
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96
Teddy-magenta old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95
Teddy-magenta new
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96
Teddy-teal old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95
Teddy-teal new
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96
Teddy-violet old
issued 6/25/94
retired 1/7/95
Teddy-violet new
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/7/96

The End
none All good things come to an end
It's been fun for everyone
Peace and hope are never gone
Love you all and say, "So long!"
Tiny #
South of the border, in the sun
Tiny the Chihuahua is having fun
Attending fiestas, breaking piñatas
Eating a taco, or some enchiladas!
01/08/99 Creeping quietly along the wall,
Little footprints fast and small,
Tiptoeing through the house with ease,
Searching for a piece of cheese
Tracker #4198
Sniffing and tracking and following trails,
Tracker the basset always wags his tail,
It doesn't matter what you do,
He's always happy when he's with you!
issued 6/25/94
retired 6/15/95
no poem
issued 5/11/97
retired 1/1/99
Taking off with a thunderous blast,
Tuffy rides his motorcycle fast,
The Beanies roll with laughs & squeals,
He never took off his training wheels!
issued 1/7/95
retired 1/1/97
Tusk brushes his teeth everyday,
To keep them shiny, it's the only way,
Teeth are special, so you must try,
And they will sparkle when you say "Hi!"
issued 1/7/96
retired 5/1/98
Twigs has his head in the clouds,
He stands tall, he stands proud,
With legs so skinny they wobble and shake,
What an unusual friend he will make!

01/1/99 Red, yellow, green, and blue
Let's have some fun me and you
So join the party, and let's all say
"Happy New Millennium," from Ty 2K!


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