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Beanie Baby Critters


Take Dolphin Dance with you.


Well, this is how it happened....I saw Chocolate the Moose and fell in love! I had to have him (I was in Moose Country, New Hampshire at the time). Now I have Moose Twins<g>...and many companions for Peace, Curly, Garcia (yes!), and whatever currents I can find.

I spent hours making all the backgrounds and graphics for this section of Critters, but it was fun. I hope you like them - and of course, you can use them for your own Beanie pages; just please use my button or banner and link back to me. Thanks!

Don't forget my Free Beanies! Yes - we are GIVING AWAY beanies. Just hit the Free Beanies button below (it will open a separate window). Current promotion is for Princess and ends May 31.

Anyway, look around - have fun - and think "Beanies"!




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