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This is the SINGLE tag that does not open. The word "ty" on the front is in a skinny font type.




The Front of this tag looks exactly like the first generation hang tag with the skinny "ty." The biggest difference is that this tag is two parts and opens like a book. The inside reads:TO:_____________FROM:____________with love




This tag has a "ty" written in a fatter balloon type font. The inside is exactly the same as the2nd generation hang tag.




Has the fatter "ty" balloon font, but a yellow star with the words "ORIGINAL BEANIE BABY" is included on the front. The inside no longer has the "TO _________ FROM _____________", but a delightful poem about the Beanie and is birthday. Also, the inside includes a style number. Also, it reads "Visit our web page!!!"




Has the same balloon font as the fourth and third generation hang tags, but the inside has no style number or "Visit our web page!!!" in it.




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