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April 1
April Fools Day

How did April Fools Day start?
April Fools on the Net
April Fools.com
April 06
Plan Your Epitaph Day

Plan Your Epitaph
River Styx - Death in the Ancient World
April 14
Pan American Day

April 16
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - Catholic Ency
Palm Sunday Hymns
Battle of Palm Sunday


April 20

Story of Passover
Passover on the Net
Pesach5757 (French version)
Beth El on Pesach

Jewish Family.com
Pesach Journal
April 22
Earth Day

Earth Day Online
Earth Day
Earth Information
History of Earth Day

April 23

Easter On The Net
Easter's Date for any Year

Easter's Dating Method
Easter in Bulgaria
Easter in Mexico
Finnish Easter Traditions
Traditions of Easter
Easter Customs

April 25
Arbor Day

Arbor Day - Day of Trees
Arbor Day.org
American Forests
Trees, Shrubs, Groundcover
Trees of Mystery

April 26
Secretary's Day

Sun enters Taurus
April 19, 2:40 pm Eastern Time
Is Taurus really that stubborn?


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April International Holidays

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How did April Fools Day start?
It used to be that New Year's Day fell during Easter week, which in turn was celebrated in relation to the Vernal Equinox. Thus, in many places around the world, New Years Day was celebrated beginning with the Vernal Equinox, which fell around March 21. At one time, France celebrated the New Year with a week-long party event which ended on April1. With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, the king of France decreed in 1582 that New Year's Day was now to be observed on January 1. Those who forgot, or refused to observe this, were ridiculed by being the butt of jokes (referred to as "poisson d'avril" - April Fish) and being sent invitations to non-exisitant parties. Napoleon I also acquired the nickname "poisson d'avril" when he married Marie-Louise of Austria on April 1st of 1810. Over a period of nearly two hundred years, the practice of playing such jokes spread from France to England to the US.



Taurus - Bull in a china shop?

The immediate association is "stubbornness" - and boy, can you ever dig in your hooves, er...heels, and refuse to budge! This quality can be a blessing or a curse; it can make you cautious enough not to be foolhardy, or it can make you remain in a rut for your entire life, never trying anything new.

Fixed Earth - think of dried-up or frozen mud and you get an idea of Taurus energy: one that is extremely hard to mold or shape. The greatest fault (and lesson) of Taurus is possessiveness and stubbornness. As natural ruler of the 2nd house of "things"and "possessions", you may over-emphasize their importance or even confuse your identity with what you own. Ruled by Venus, there may be a lazy streak, for you do like the finer pleasures of life!

But the evolved Taurean turns his stubborness into determination and persistance. It is hard to beat the stamina of a focused Taurean! The possessiveness and materialism become an attraction principle, for you will attract material things, but regard them as being yours for the purpose of benefitting others.

Taurus colors are the strong blues, deep oranges, and yellows; their gem is the emerald; their metal is copper.

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