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February 2

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February 2
Groundhog Day

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February 5
Chinese New Year - Dragon

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"Kung Hei Fat Choi" (prosperous wishes)

February 14
Valentine's Day

St Valentine-Catholic Encyclopedia
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St Valentines Day Massacre
Flowers, Plants, and Their Meaning

February 20

Purim on the Net
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February 21
Presidents' Day (US)

US Commanders-In-Chief - George Washington
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US Commanders-In-Chief - Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's Birthplace
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The Sun enters Pisces
February 19, 3:33 am EST

So, what are those watery
Pisceans like?


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Mardi Gras History

It is really interesting how far back the "Mardi Gras" holiday goes back. In the late 1700's pre-Lenten balls and parties were held in New Orleans under French rule, masked balls flourished, but were banned later when Louisiana was under Spanish rule. After becoming an American city, New Orleans' fun loving Creole populations convinced the governor to allow Mardi Gras balls in 1823. In 1837, a costumed group of revelers walked in the first documented parade. Due to the violence of several masked paraders during this period, Mardi Gras once again faced prohibition. Six New Orleanians formed the first "krewe", Comus, and proved Mardi Gras could be a fun and beautiful celebration. Comus began several traditions such as forming a secret carnival society, choosing a namesake from mythology, having themed parades with floats and costumed maskers, and having a ball. Rex began in 1872 and has been known as the "King of Mardi Gras" ever since. This group honored visiting Russian royalty; organized the first daytime parade; chose the colors of Mardi Gras, purple, green, and gold*; the musical theme, "If Ever I Cease to Love," and produced its first flag. In 1916, the first black krewe, Zulu, came upon the scene. The first Zulu king poked fun at Rex and ruled with a banana scepter. Mardi Gras survived the war years, the Great Depression, and other struggles. It is celebrated throughout the entire Gulf Coast from from the Florida panhandle to Texas.

Purple represents Justice; Green stands for Faith; Gold signifies Power

from Europe's Finest



Pisces - The Empath

All Water signs are emotional, but Pisces has a hard time with "Life". Being Mutable, and ruled by Neptune, they are subject to great mood swings, are extremely sensitive, feel slighted at the smallest things, and tend to brood. They seem to pick up the emotional charge of the environment around them, so it is very important for them to keep the right company and eliminate as much negativity from their surroundings.

The evolved Piscean is the pinnacle of selfless service. Truly empathic, they know what others feel, and they have a Universal vision of the universe - they recognize the Oneness of All. Just be careful not to get lost in that "other plane" - for escapism is second nature to Pisces - sometimes through drink, drugs, or other destructive behavior. The Pisces body is more sensitive to drugs and environmental pollution, so be careful there.

When it comes to imagination, there is none stronger. The lesson is to apply that "vision" to the real world.

Pisces' colors are sea green, silver, violet, and purple; their gem is the aquamarine and bloodstone; their metal is tin.

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