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January 01
New Years Day

Hogmanay-A Scottish New Year

Mummers Parade
Japanese New Year

Origins of New Years Festival

January 03
Quadrantids Meteors

NASA Quadrantids

History of Observation

January 17
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Celebrating MLK Day
MLK Day on the Net
The King Center
MLK Page

January 21

Just my own little holiday - my birthday!

The Sun enters Aquarius
January 20, 1:23 PM EST

Wonder what
Aquarians are like?



Bizarre January Holidays

January Celebrity Birthdays

January International Holidays

Druidic Holy Days
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Holiday Backgrounds & Fonts


Aquarius - Without Classification:

Aquarius is the one sign that cannot be summed by generalizations - except to say that they are all different and unpredictable. Ruled by Uranus, they are lightning quick in their thought processes, and they perceive what others do not - at times they are somehow in another time zone or plane of existence. They are mavericks and defintely listen to the beat of their own drummers. The more evolved Aquarian recognizes the Unity of Brother/Sisterhood and knows that even though we are all on different paths, we are heading in the same direction.

The sign of Aquarius is a combination of an Air element (Mental Realm) and the Fixed Mode -- Fixed Air - Fixed Ideas -- that sums up Aquarius pretty well. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that can make an Aquarian change his or her mind on an issue - except logic. That is the only way to approach one. The unevolved Fixed Sign person, (includes Taurus, Leo, Scorpio), can be vain, petty, and dictatorial. This fixity needs to be tempered with love, for if they do not learn to "flow" (like their Mutable brethren), they will end up with health problems.

Aquarius rules the spinal cord, the calves and ankles, and the rods and cones of the eyes; their colors are white, pale yellow, pale green, electric blue; their gem is the amethyst; their metal: uranium.

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