Well, you have arrived at the "better half"<g> - the "feather" part of the site: the bird section! My name is Peso and I am a yellow crown Amazon parrot. As smart as I am, I picked up HTML in no time and pecked this whole site!

This is an index of all my pages (bird pages). All my
WebRings are below, so have a great time.
No, that's not me up there, but it is me in this
Oh, and if you must, I suppose you can
visit the "fur" and "human" parts of this place.


Play a lottery with Parrots!


My Photo Album: Ah, It's a Parrot's Life
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genus, genius, whatever

Yellow-Heads Classifications
definitely genius

African Greys

Parrot As Totem Animal

Parrot Jokes
guffaw, chuckle

My Love Letter
Oh! Bart

Birdie Art
5 whole pages of just birds!

Avian Critter Links

Critters Board
For All Kinds of Critters

Canine Critter || Human Critters || Beanie Critters || Wild Critters
Interests & Hobbies & Links, Oh My!
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