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Killers they can be, but the power of Nature is still a magnetic pull on us.
From afar, they can be beautiful.


El Reno OK - 8K

Funnel Cloud

A tornado which isn't on the ground.
El Reno, Oklahoma
Date: July 1973
Credit: NOAA Photo Library

Enid OK - 28K

Enid Tornado

Enid, Oklahoma
Photo Date: June 5, 1966
Photographer: Leo Ainsworth
Credit: NOAA Photo Library

Dimmit TX - 18K

Dimmit Tornado

South of Dimmitt, Texas
Photo Date: June 2, 1995
Photographer: Harald Richter
Credit: NOAA Photo Library



Birth of a Tornado || Fujita Scale
May 3, 1999
The Aftermath

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