The Cigarette-Smoking-Man
William B. Davis


The man behind the cloud of smoke has been involved in the affairs of the X-Files since the day Section Chief Scott Blevins assigned Dana Scully to "assist" Fox Mulder. His silent presence in Skinner's office is always a warning that the shadowy government attempting to discredit Mulder is again keeping an eye on the nonconformist agent. When not in Skinner's office, he can be found in the basement of the Pentagon, secreting evidence in a vast storehouse of classified materials.
The tension between Mulder and The Cigarette-Smoking Man has increased steadily as the nameless man with the pack of Morleys increasingly involves himself in Mulder's work.
In "One Breath," Mulder blamed The Cigarette-Smoking Man for the abduction of Dana Scully, and came within a trigger-pull of killing him. In "Anasazi", we learned that his involvement goes back to the beginning, all the way to Fox Mulder's father. He may be responsible for Bill Mulder's murder, and he is certainly responsible for several attempts on the life of the X-Files agents. His menace may be fading, however, as both the Well-Manicured Man he answers to and Alex Krycek, his tool who has turned against him, threaten to bring upon him a justice Mulder and Scully cannot. We have seen him shot, presumed dead, but nothing seems to really die on the X-Files.



William B. Davis:

B orn Jan 13, 1938 in Toronto.
Career: Studied in England where he also directed theatre. Moved to Vancouver to run acting school.
Opened his own school in 1989.
First lines on X-Files: "Of course I do" -- spoken in 20th episode.
Previous Credits: TV: Stephen King's It, MacGyver. Films: Look Who's Talking, The Dead Zone.
Upcoming: New X-Files, roles in TV's The Outer Limits, Poltergeist.
Odd fact: Davis is an ex-smoker. For the cameras, he smokes herbal cigarettes.
CSM alias: Cancer Man.
X-Files gossip: Davis says rogue agent Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) will be back on the show although he was last seen locked in a missile silo with a radioactive alien. "He's going to get out," says Davis.
Quote: "I don't think they have any anonymity here at all." -- Davis, on life in Vancouver for co-stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.


William Davis is the former Artistic Director of the National Theatre School and of the Vancouver Playhouse Acting School. He is currently the director of The William Davis Centre For Actor's Study. He also has extensive directing experience. He is also a competitive water skier and a certified Downhill Ski Instructor.

His credits include:
In Television:
Other reoccuring roles have been in "Sliders," "Outer Limits," "North of 60," "Street Justice," "Nightmare Cafe," "MacGyver."
Guest appearances in "21 Jumpstreet," "Wiseguy," "Danger Bay," "Captain Power," and "Airwolf."
In Film: Beyond Obsession, Hitman, Omen IV- The Awakening, Matinee, Beyond the Stars, Look Who's Talking, Head Office, and Dead Zone.
On Stage: "Back To Beulah" as Wilson, "On The Job," as Harry, "Two For The See Saw," as Jefry, "The Puppet Master, as The Puppet Master, "Chapter Two" as George, and "Emma Orr" as Tony Orr.


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