Special Agent Fox Mulder
David Duchovny


Special Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder was on a fast track in the FBI when he took a detour into the paranormal. Convinced through hypnotic regression that his sister was abducted by some unknown power when they were children, he is now obsessed with discovering the truths hidden in the X-Files, a repository for the extraordinary, the unexplained and the supernatural. Recruited into the Bureau after studying psychology at Oxford, Mulder showed an inclination toward the off beat from the beginning of his career. His early monograph on serial killers and the occult led to the capture of a notorious murderer.
But far from pursuing what could have been a stellar career within the Bureau, Mulder chose "the basement office with no heat" where the FBI hides the X-Files. Only his network of contacts in Congress and other halls of power has allowed him to continue his investigations in the face of official indifference and covert opposition. Opposed by enemies within the Bureau itself and beyond, the only person he can trust absolutely is his partner, Dana Scully.



David Duchovny:

Born: Aug. 7, 1960 in Manhattan to Russian Jewish father (Amram) and Scottish mother (Meg). Duchovny's parents are divorced. Duchovny also has an older brother Daniel and younger sister Laurie.
Early years: Worked as a lifeguard on Fire Island to help pay for high school studies and as a bartender while attending college.
Making the grade: Duchovny went to Princeton (where he played on the basketball team). He later earned a masters degree in English literature at Yale.
Married: To actress Tea Leoni. The couple has two dogs -- Blue, a Border/Jersey-collie mix and George, a former street mutt. They live in Los Angeles.
Earns $100,000 US an episode for The X-Files; receiv-ed $4 million US for The X-Files movie.
Screen scene: His first appearance on camera was for a Lowenbrau commercial in 1987. That was followed by an AT&T commercial the same year. In 1988, he made his film debut with one line during a party scene in Working Girl.

Nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for the 1996-97 season, David Duchovny once seemed an unlikely candidate to become an actor. A native New Yorker, Duchovny attended Yale University, where he received a graduate degree in English literature to prepare for a career as a teacher. While at Yale, he began commuting to New York to study acting and was soon appearing in off-Broadway plays. In 1987, in the midst of his doctoral studies, he left Yale to pursue acting full time. Numerous roles soon followed.
Before The X-Files, Duchovny was probably best known for his memorable portrayal of Dennis/Denise, the transvestite detective in the television series "Twin Peaks," and for his performance opposite Mimi Rogers in the acclaimed feature film The Rapture. His most recent feature film was Playing God, and he also has just completed filming the first feature film version of The X-Files, which will be released this year (1998).
Duchovny's other feature film credits include leading roles in Chaplin, Beethoven, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Kalifornia and the critically acclaimed Julia Has Two Lovers.
David Duchovny was also the host of cable's "The Red Shoe Diaries." He has made two guest appearances on "The Larry Sanders Show," and on "Space: Above and Beyond" and did voiceover appearances on "The Simpsons" and "Duckman."
Duchovny is married to actress Tea Leoni.


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