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An ex-Marine with a stern sense of duty, the Bureau's Assistant Director Walter Skinner has little patience with Fox Mulder's unorthodox methods of investigation. More than once he has warned Mulder and Scully that their inquiries were crossing into dangerous territory, and once he shut down the X-Files entirely. But when Dana Scully was kidnapped, he reopened them, telling Mulder, "That's what they fear the most" -- without clarifying who "they" are. It's never clear whose side Skinner is on, or whose orders he takes, but his efforts on behalf of Mulder and Scully "through unofficial channels" have made it plain that he is deeply concerned about his independent-minded agents and their work.



Mitch Pileggi:

Born in Portland (OR), Mitch Pileggi was literally raised all over the world, as his father was a subcontractor for the Department of Defense. Hence, Pileggi attended Fullerton College, the University of Maryland branch college in Munich, Germany, and the University of Texas.
After working briefly with the Department of Defense, Pileggi got involved with regional theater in Austin, Texas, performing in such productions as "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Lone Star" and "Bent." After landing a few small parts on television, Pileggi made the move to Los Angeles.
Pileggi's feature film credits include Basic Instinct, Vampire in Brooklyn, Guilty as Charged and Shocker. On television, Pileggi had a recurring role on "Dallas" and has made numerous guest-star appearances on such shows as "Models Inc.," "Roc," "China Beach," "Hooperman" and "Get a Life." He also appeared in the television movies "Absolute Strangers," "Trapped" and "Knightrider 2000," and he recently completed filming "Marabunta," a movie for FOX.
Pileggi is married and resides in Valencia, California.


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