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Classic Film Stars with an E-Cards section:
biographies, images, and great music.

The 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still (TDTESS)

Just added the Miami Vice site here.


NH's Seven
My site on the seven NH POW/MIAs.
One has been returned - that leaves six.


Crossing The River Styx
A reflection of my fascination with
Death, Creation & Afterlife myths
of ancient and not-so-ancient cultures.


Vice gif
For all you Miami Vice fans.


Fontessa Fonts
My site of Freeware and Shareware
fonts, fontdings, and dingbats.



One*Stop Trek*Shoo



Papagei Studios
My graphics site which satisfies my creative urges.
Free backgrounds, borders, buttons/icons.

Wolves' Domain
My wolf site with a large photo
gallery, an E-Cards Section,
and lots of information.


50 Heartlands
Take a trip through the 50 US states;
learn the state symbols, native histories,
presidents who were born there, see
photographs, and more.




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