Peso's & Arista's Rules


What We Don't Want

1. Generally no Commercial Sites; we prefer Personal Homepages, but if you happen to breed birds or dogs and offer helpful information for readers, then apply.
2. We don't like naked people so no pornography, links to pornography, or even a hint of a link to it. (Naked birds and dogs are OK!)
3. Nothing onsite which promotes hatred or violence of any kind toward any living thing (be it sexism, racism, ageism, etc), nor devilworshipping. That pertains to people and animals.
4. No broken links or graphics - we want to see everything!
5. No bandwidth-stealing; all graphics must originate from your site or one which you own. If you have multiple sites, please inform us of such.


Ok, What We Are Looking For

1. Your Site must be in Dog and Bird English or have an English version.
2. There must a Theme, not a bunch of non-related links. Any links you do have must add to the page, not replace "content".
3. An easy surf; the layout should be orderly and good navigation is a must. It's hard typing with claws and paws!
4. It should be visually pleasing. After all, this IS a visual medium - and like we said, we want to see it all. Any graphics/backgrounds should be credited to the artist where applicable.
5. A Site that shows you've put some time and effort into it. Don't bore us and don't waste our time for we have really important birdie and doggie things to do. We want to come away with learning something new.
6. Spelling counts! It's a pet peeve of ours - pardon the pun.
7. Brownie points to those who sign our Guestbook =:^)
8. But most of should be a pleasant experience. It should be fun!

Ya think that covers it Rista? Woof!


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