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Living with Big Cats

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Super MIDI
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Sten Lassen, home of smile


Noteworthy Sites


Michal_Filly_Astra's Home Page

Come over the see the wonderful GSDs and whole lots more!

The Reese Taylor Memorial Cyberhospital
Educate yourself on organ donation.

Lizard Heaven!
A wonderful look into the Scaly World - Lizards!

The ARK, a Humane Society
Helping Hands for Needy Paws.

AARF Homepage
Animal Rescue in Richmond VA.

Bird Placement Program Refuge & Bird Care Services
A place of sanctuary and care for our neglected friends.

Senior Canine Rescue
A wonderful "placement" facility.

Kylie's Home Dog Page
A multi-talented and psychic dog - and the lines are open :-)

Pets and Lead Poisoning
Help and information for you and your pet, dedicated to Bogey.

The Parrots and Okinawa Page
A most wonderful site in 3 languages and about multilingual parrots!

Sparra's Nest
Visit Tasmania and its wildlife at this extraordinary site.

And much more. Horse lovers - be sure to read about the Caspian horses!

THE END ZONE: Texas Longhorn Football
A wonderful page even for the football-illiterate!

One Big, Happy Family
Two people with very big hearts...bless you.

Attracting Birds and Butterflies To Your Garden
Sweething's Page on Gardening - and more!

Ghost Wolf - Out of the Abyss
A Wolf-brother's journey through the depths, to emerge triumphant.

The Star Archive
3600+ star addresses with info and scanned autographs.
German Version

Spyder's Empire
Check out her awards!




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